Merlin Library has partnered with COLIBRÌ ECO, the first cover which contains green polyethylene certified I’m Green. Polyethylene is produced from fossil raw material, such as oil or natural gas. Green Polyethylene (GREEN™ PE) is a plastic made from a renewable vegetable raw material ethanol, extracted from sugar cane. Green Polyethylene guarantees the same characteristics of petrochemical polyethylene in terms of applications, functionality, and recyclability.

The production process of green polyethylene guarantees an extraordinary environmental contribution. The production process of every kilogramme of green polyethylene eliminates from the atmosphere over 3 kg of CO2. A strong contribution to the quality of our air and the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

The Green Polyethylene has passed certification tests among the most restrictive and qualifying globally:

COLIBRI ECO book covers

Carbon Test 14 to check for presence of vegetable content

Certification of the first renewable raw material

Certification of the sustainability of the production process of the vegetable raw material used

  • The first cover in the world and the first I'm Green certified polyethylene stationery product
  • The production process eliminates CO2 equal to more than 3 times its weight: 1 kg of Green ™ PE eliminates more than 3 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • A strong contribution to the quality of our air and to the reduction of the greenhouse effect
  • 100% recyclable
  • No compromise on the quality of the finished product

Three sizes are available, Small 75c, Medium 95c and Large €1.15, allowing any type and size of book to be given a custom fit.