About Us

Audio Visual Centre Ltd

The company has been operating as a book importer and distributor since 1971 and its activities cover the Maltese market with retail outlets and wholesale distribution, as well as the Libyan market. Audio Visual Centre is Malta’s leading educational products supplier. Our product portfolio includes books, audio visual equipment, interactive software solutions and quality furniture for schools, academies, colleges and universities.

We are a key player in the textbook market with our retail outlet Merlin Library in Blata L-Bajda and specialised textbook website. The company also specialises in English Language Teaching books and works with all EFL schools. Our Hitachi interactive whiteboards and projectors are found in most schools. The school furniture is specially developed classroom furniture providing the best quality in conformity to EU’s standards of manufacture.

We are proud to be the local education product supplier of choice, offering our customers superior education specific products, excellent customer service and the best value available in the market.

Merlin Library

Merlin Library has supplied Primary and Secondary textbooks as well as Sixth Form textbooks to customers since 1978. Our book shop in Blata L-Bajda is the only bookshop in Malta to stock textbooks all year round. A good selection of revision and self-study material for most subjects can also be found in stock.

We are a specialist children’s bookshop and consequently stock thousands of titles suitable for children from 3 months to young adults. We stock a good selection of fiction, nonfiction, and general interest books for adults too. We often have special offers running at the book shop and special discounts for children that are members of the Wizzies Club.

Merlin Library was the first to have introduced children’s authors to Malta to talk to children in schools hence supporting schools in their quest to instil the importance of reading among students. In 2003 Lynne Reid Banks was the 'first author' and many since have followed.